Top 5 Mistakes Couples Make When Choosing a Caterer. Having catered for hundreds of successful weddings, we know how to help you choose the best caterer for your day. Over the next five weeks, we will bring you a new tip to help you select the right wedding caterer for your special day.

Mistake 1 – Don’t Taste the Food Before They Book

After the venue, the next biggest decision you’re making, price wise, is the food. Get this wrong and it could potentially ruin the whole day. You want to make sure the food is the quality you expect, tastes how you expect and looks how you expect. Without tasting the food, how do you know it is what you are expecting on the day? That’s the precise reason we offer free tastings is so our customers fall in love and are proud of our food like we are. Don’t leave this to chance, make sure you try the food before you book. All great catering companies will offer you a free tasting.

Mistake 2 – Don’t take the time to get to know the company

As we mentioned earlier, the food is a massive part of your wedding day. How can you trust your catering company will deliver? You need to take the time to get to know the company and understand what they are good at, and whether they’re the right fit for you. Look at their website, check reviews, speak with them on the phone and meet them in person.

Building up a relationship with your caterer will ensure they can take the time to get to know you as well and advise you accordingly. We offer fact find calls for every wedding, where we run through your day from start to finish. We do this to give you the confidence of how a day would run and make certain no stone is left unturned. Spending this initial time with your caterer will mean that there are no nasty surprises or hidden charges later down the line.

Mistake 3 – Choose Their Wedding Caterer Solely on Price

So you’ve sent your email asking for a price and, eventually, you’ve got them back from all your potential catering companies. So, which price do you select? This is where a lot of couples can go very wrong by focusing only the total figure on the quote, as opposed to thinking, is that price giving me great value? You’ve worked hard and saved for your wedding. Surely you want to feel you’re getting the most from every penny you’ve spent?

To know who gives great value, you need to consider the whole package. What tangible items and intangible value does the company include? Tangible items would be the food itself, the crockery, the cutlery, the staff to deliver the event etc… Intangible value can be their customer service standards, their quality standards, how organised they are, their professionalism, the quality of their staff etc… You can build a good picture of all this from various sources, including their website, customer reviews, how they interact with you and any social media pages. You’re paying for more than what’s on the quote so take a look at the company behind it.

Mistake 4 – Don’t Read Past Customer Reviews

It may seem obvious to check what past customer reviews, but you’d be surprised how many couples don’t. When checking reviews, don’t only check their website. Go to an external site where the reviews are written by the customer themselves, like Facebook or Twitter. When looking at the reviews, also look at the bad ones, how the caterer has responded and when the reviews were left. A company may have lots of good reviews but from two years ago, and vice versa. A lot can change in two years! Lastly, it depends on how you feel, but you could always direct message a past customer asking for their true opinion of the service they received. A great caterer will have nothing to hide, so would encourage you to speak to past customers.

Mistake 5 – Forget the Importance of Great Customer Service

One area a caterer can offer intangible value is their customer service, both pre-event and on the day. How does the caterer value customer service, how long do they take to get back to you, are they on hand to help advise you? At Roamers Caterers, our promise is to ensure our customer service is first rate. As just a few examples, we ensure every email has a response within 48 hours (Monday to Friday), that every customer gets their own personalised event documentation and that every staff member undergoes our rigorous training programme. We want to ensure each customer enjoys their experience with us. How does your Wedding Caterer ensure you’re getting this great customer service, before and after your special day? What commitments are they making to you? Don’t take your evidence from one source either, check out what they say, on their website, their customer reviews and how they interact with you from your first enquiry.

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