Our Top 5 Marquee Wedding Planning Tips. Planning a marquee wedding can be an amazing experience, and make your special day totally unique. However, get it wrong and it can soon become a massive headache, taking all the fun out of it! Take a look at our top five tips to help make sure your big day is perfect.

1. Call in the Pros

Wedding Venues have Event Managers whose responsibility it is to project manage and oversee your wedding. In their absence, it becomes your role. Your budget may not be able to stretch for you to hire a wedding planner, so make sure you hire wedding suppliers with a great reputation, who have been established for a while. Checking out online reviews, like their Facebook page, and their portfolio, e.g. do they have a relationship with a respectable venue, can be great ways to determine who the best are. You’re trusting them to deliver on your big day, so do you really want to leave the important pieces of the puzzle left to chance? Great suppliers will be able to anticipate any issues and work through them with you both on and before the day, allowing you to enjoy the party.

2. Make sure there’s ample parking

You not only need to think about parking for your 50, 100 or 200 wedding guests but your back house staff as well! If you’ve supplied parking in a nearby field, you need a solid walkway to the marquee. Walking across a muddy field in your favourite heels is no fun at all. A great alternative, some of our customers have used, is to use local village hall car park, church car park or local pub. Just make sure you give them plenty of notice.

3. Give yourself time

We hate to break it to you but you’ve got a lot to organise, so give yourself plenty of time. Allowing this time will mean you’ll have a great selection of suppliers to choose from, as well give you the time to decide who is best for you. For example, we offer an initial fact find call to assess what services you need, provide a free quote and offer free tastings. Rushing through this process may mean you either miss part of it or don’t take the appropriate time to make those big decisions.

4. The Food and Drink

The food and drink are two of the most important parts of the day (well, of course, we’d say that). Don’t leave this to chance, as it is a big part of your day. You want to make sure your guests are well looked after so they can focus on having a great time. Find a first rate supplier for your food and drink for the whole event. Don’t look for cheap, look for great value.

5. The fun stuff – Power, Water and Lighting

These are probably not top of the list of exciting things to organise. However, when we do our site visit these are the key things we check as they are so important to a smooth running event. With a large number of suppliers, you’ll need power for them to run their equipment. Consider either a generator or mains sockets close to the marquee. No, the solitary extension lead, from the house, won’t suffice! You’ll need running drinking water available for cooking, cleaning and drinking. Our past customers have provided us with an extended hose pipe, which works great. Whether it’s practical or aesthetic, lighting is key! Outside areas, paths to car parks, the marquee and catering tent all need light, so make sure this is covered. Not literally.

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