Event Catering Chelmsford

If you’re looking for a professional event catering service in Chelmsford, then choose a caterer you can trust. As one of Chelmsford’s leading providers of food and drink, Lovejoy Catering and Events are the caterers you should choose for every occasion. Established in 1963, originally as a family-run business, we’ve been helping our Chelmsford customers to organise events for more than 50 years.

Through choosing Lovejoy Catering and Events, you will get a caterer who has been acknowledged for their first-class service. We’ve been listed in the Top 3 Caters in Chelmsford for 2019, giving our customers complete peace of mind that they are choosing the very best.

Our customer’s back our quality, highlighted in our many customer testimonials which showcase first-hand the quality of service we are able to provide. Our reputation is well-earned, and our chefs utilise the finest ingredients to ensure that every dish that leaves the kitchen is a bonafide masterpiece. We pride ourselves on our service and the excellence of our food and beverages. Call us today on 01245 353 564 to find out more or check our other reviews on Facebook.

Event Catering Chelmsford

What Sort of Event Catering Do We Offer?

At Lovejoy Catering and Events we provide our full-service catering for all kinds of events. Each package we offer is bespoke to you the customer, with each one tailored to your exact requirements at your request. Our events team will happily discuss the various options available to you, however, here is a quick run-down of just some of the services we offer the Chelmsford customer:

Wedding Event Catering

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so you want to enjoy it without worrying over the finer details. At Lovejoy Catering and Events, we handle the catering side of things for you, guaranteeing delicious cuisine and high-class beverages. Our team of waiting staff are well-mannered professionals that will maintain the class of your big day.

As well as handling the food and drink we can support our customers with the organisational side. With more than 50 years of planning events such as this, we are in the perfect place to advise you. As part of our packages, we can allocate a pre-event manager and event team leader to watch over the proceedings for you.

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Finger Buffets

A finger buffet can be the perfect option for our Chelmsford customers who are hosting a large group of people for an informal occasion. Whether you are throwing a birthday party, anniversary, a social group meeting or just a general gathering, our team is happy to oblige by providing our gourmet snack buffet.

The finger buffets are well-suited for celebrations of all kinds, with the relaxed option fitting in perfectly at birthday parties for all ages. To view our finger buffet menu or look at the variety of foodstuffs we can offer, click the link below. You’ll also find some testimonials in there from some of our happy customers.

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Event Catering Chelmsford

Funeral Receptions

A funeral reception can be a very tough time for any customer, so it is important to treat any funeral or wake with the respect it deserves. As this can be an emotional event, Lovejoy Catering and Events provide a respectful series of non-intrusive yet professional catering services. Finger buffets tend to suit these occasions, so we offer several different selections to choose from. More information can be found in our brochure below.

We offer more than just an exquisite and respectful dining experience, however. Should you need aid in a number of other ways such as finding a venue for the wake, we offer our customers a complete funeral reception package. This includes the aforementioned catering as well as a location in the form of Marks Hall or Hamptons Sports and Leisure Centre in Chelmsford.

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Formal Dinners

If you’re looking for a more glamorous experience then we have the right event catering service for you. Lovejoy Catering and Events offer our Chelmsford customers luscious dishes and exquisite beverages, allowing you to dine in style whatever the occasion. Our menus blend traditional British cuisine with the creative twist of contemporary tastes.

Whether you’re looking to organise a business dinner, formal club event, anniversary or association function, we can easily help you. Our front of house staff are trained to serve you with the utmost of professionalism, and we can offer a wide variety of dishes for your menu. Check out our brochure below to find out what we can offer.

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Event Catering Chelmsford

Hot Fork Buffets

When you’re organising a larger event, catering is of the utmost importance. If you want to combine the full-dinners and classy character of a formal meal with the simplicity and ease of a finger buffet, then our hot fork buffets are the best option for you. These dishes are served on-site, making them the perfect choice for your Chelmsford event.

These larger meals make for a more filling meal than the average buffet and can perfectly capture the feeling of a good feast, without the formality of sitting down at a table and being waited on. We offer an unbelievable selection of dishes, from our homemade lasagne to our braised beef, all of which are prepared by our top chefs.

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Barbecues & Hog Roasts

If you’re celebrating this summer, then one of our barbecues or hog roasts can be the perfect choice for your event. Catering is one of the most important parts of any summer soiree, as nothing beats a relaxing August evening with a full belly and a refreshing drink. Your guests will be thanking you for choosing Lovejoy Catering and Events.

Our talented chefs will produce one of the most delicious barbecues you could have ever imagined, perfect for a relaxed afternoon in the sun. Our packages also include crockery, cutlery, staff and paper napkins, with vegetarian alternatives offered as standard. Find out more information in our brochure below.

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Event Catering Chelmsford

Chelmsford Event Catering Prices

If you have seen a service that you would like, or if you would like to find out more about what we can offer, then reach out to our team today. You can call us on 01245 353 563 or fill out our online contact page to find out more.

If you already think you want to choose a caterer who was ranked amongst the Top 3 Caterers in Chelmsford, then you can book a free tasting session.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.