If you’ve recently got engaged, the thought of planning a wedding can fill you with fright! Not only can it prove to be a big cost but you want it to be remembered for all the right reasons. If you want to make your big day special, choose a wedding caterer whose service reflects that: Lovejoy Catering and Events.

Lovejoy Catering and Events is one of Essex & Chelmsford’s leading providers of wedding catering, making sure your big day runs without much of a hitch! Established in 1963, our family-run business has spanned three generations, helping Essex couples to organise their big day for more than 50-years.

If you choose Lovejoy Catering and Events for your Wedding, everything will be taken care for you. You won’t have to go through the cost and hassle of organising waiters or planning menus. You won’t even have to do the washing up!

A Caterer You Can Trust

Through choosing Lovejoy Catering and Events, you’re choosing a caterer acknowledged for their quality. We have been listed in the Top 3 Caterers in Chelmsford, giving our customers complete peace of mind that they are receiving the best party catering. We continue to strive to be the best caterer in Essex, which is why we’ve put ourselves forward for the Independent Wedding Caterer Award in the Essex Wedding Awards 2019!

Our quality has been recognised by our customers, which our testimonials showcasing first-hand our quality service. Our chefs use the finest ingredients to ensure every dish we offer will provide your Wedding is of the highest quality.

We pride ourselves on our superb service and the range of food and drink that we can offer our Essex customers. If you’d like to find out more about what we can cater for your big day, call us today on 01245 353 564 to find out more of check out over reviews on Facebook.

Essex Wedding Awards 2019

The Consultation

Our consultation meeting has been designed to be informative for the client. It covers everything, providing a complete picture of how the catering and drinks service will work on their special day. Following an initial enquiry, we agree a time with the prospective client to conduct a detailed search, identifying exactly what they are looking for. We then tailor our approach to offer the best packages that suits their needs.

We appreciate that they may not have planned an event that size previously, so we make sure to cover how the day will run and agree on timings, from start to finish. This includes advising on special circumstances they may need to be aware of at their venue of choice. As a caterer, we aim to remove all the stress and worry of organising a large event, letting the happy couple relax on the big day knowing everything has been taken care of.

Once we have agreed in principle how the event would look on the day, we produce a quote, giving the customer a price for what will be delivered. Another meeting is then arranged, allowing the couple to ask any questions regarding the quote, working to any budgets they may have by making suggestions as to how they can maximise their food.

The final stage is a free tasting session, letting the bride and groom to taste the quality of the food, assess the portion sizes and see the presentation. At this stage, they will also meet our events team, including our head chef who fronts the night with our managing director. This allows the customer to ask any questions they may have.

We believe it’s critical to offer a free tasting as we want our customers to be wowed by our food and service and know exactly what they will receive on the day. This is a very important stage to us, allowing us to consolidate the arrangements, avoiding any potential issues later in the process.

Essex Wedding Awards 2019

What’s Included in the Package?

We offer a full range of Wedding Catering options to our customers, which include:

  • 3-Course Meals
  • Barbecues
  • Hog Roasts
  • Canapes
  • Large Canapes and Street Food
  • Buffets- Cold and Hot both Finger and Fork
  • Bespoke and themed menus to meet requirements
  • Drink and bar services (including a fully licensed bar)
  • Event Management

Our most popular option for weddings is four canapes, a three course meal and an evening option. This allows the customer to bespoke the whole catering package around their budget and requirements.

Each of our packages includes the food, crockery, cutlery, linen, kitchen equipment, off-site washing up, delivery, collection, set-up and all the staff. As a caterer, we want to remove all the organisation of the food from the customer and make sure they know exactly what the price is. This is why we are transparent in our pricing.

Essex Wedding Awards 2019

Do You Cater for Allergy/Dietary Issues?

At Lovejoy Catering and Events, we know that an increasingly important aspect of any wedding is making sure everybody has a good time. That’s why we work with the bride and groom to understand their guests and any allergy or dietary requirements. Once we understand these, we create a bespoke option as close as possible to the menu the bride and groom have selected. For example, for guests with gluten intolerance, we will use gluten-free biscuits for the cheesecake base.

We’ve received some excellent feedback from this approach which we believe is very inclusive. Our Facebook reviews often refer to this, showing that the bride and groom, as well as the guests, appreciate the care taken. Our aim is to try and remove the worry from the bridge and groom. Not only of any dietary requirements but the wedding as a whole, becoming our responsibility to get it right.

How Do You Cater for Couples with Set or Limited Budgets?

Every wedding will have a budget allocated for catering and we are mindful of that. We aim to offer incredible value for our customers within our prices. Every customer should walk away feeling it was worth every penny they spent. To make sure we work to budget constraints, during the initial consultation we will ask what budget we will be working towards. Due to our experience, we understand the costs of wedding catering better than anyone else, so we can advise and assist the couple when making decisions which could affect the price.

Wedding Couple

How Does Your Team Work With Us Before the Big Day?

We want every wedding to exceed the expectations of each and every couple and we’re proud of the process we’ve developed to ensure everything is meticulously planned. We follow an event program plan which we call the ‘finalising process’. This follows a set of predefined dates working backwards from the wedding. This has been developed and optimised for the high number of weddings we have catered for.

Starting from enquiry, we take time to get to know the wedding and understand the requirements. Once the couple book their date, they are provided with an event information sheet which summarises every detail about the day. This includes menu choices, timings, what drinks are served when and so on.

As we approach the big day, we reach the first date of the finalising process and send them their draft event information sheet and arrange a finalising meeting. At this meeting, we run through the day from start to finish, updating more than 100 boxes, making sure every detail is covered. We then update and send the finalised event information sheet, as long as they are happy, giving a record of what exactly will be delivered on the day. This gives the couple complete peace of mind.

Around a week before the wedding, the couples event information sheet is emailed to our team leader and deputy team leader, who will be running the event so they understand what has been agreed with the customer. After they read the document, they are briefed on it and any questions they may have are answered. We believe that the art of delivering a successful wedding is in ensuring that we are meticulous with our planning beforehand.

On the day, the entire team receives an event brief on how the day will run, what the menu is and who is responsible for what tasks, ensuring each team member knows their role and delivers the perfect wedding. Once the bride and groom arrive, a member of our senior team greets them and offers a drink and canapes.

At this stage, everything has been pre-agreed so only changes on the day will be discussed with the customer as we want to ensure the focus is on enjoying themselves. Our competent, experienced and well-trained team can adapt to any situation that is thrown their way.

Essex Wedding Awards 2019

Are You Qualified to Cater for My Wedding?

Our current head chef, Dan Garver, has more than 20-years experience in the fine dining industry, working in 2AA Rosette & Michelin Bib Goruman restaurants, a 1000 cover services in gastro pubs and 250 cover banquets. Having worked his way up, Dan has great knwoledge and appreciation of all aspects of catering and events, knowing the importance every team member has in delivering high-quality events. Dan has also achieved an NVQ Level 3 in professional cookery and level 3 qualification in food hygiene.

As a company, we understand health and hygiene protocols. That’s why we have a 5-star hygiene rating. We utilised a number of the Food Standards Agency’s recommended processes and procedures to develop our own methods. All new staff members when inducted are brought up to speed on processes and procedures. Our continuous improvement policy offers ongoing coaching and training to improve theirs and our knowledge.

We undertake regular daily, weekly and monthly checks of the kitchen area and workspaces. This ensures we reduce the risk of any breach of health and hygiene. These checks are thorough, totalling thirty daily checks. Records are maintained of all these checks which are stored in a folder so that any history can be checked and any action taken is monitored.

To ensure the cleanliness of workspaces, we undergo daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cleans. These daily cleans are completed by kitchen stuff but all other deep cleans are completed by a different team but overseen by our head chef, ensuring the kitchen’s cleanliness is kept to the highest standard.

The quality of our produce is something we pride ourselves on and we use only the freshest ingredients. We ensure use-by dates are adhered to and the source of the origin can be traced, using local suppliers where possible. Our reputation is critical and that can only come from serving quality fresh food safely.

Essex Wedding Awards 2019

What Was Your Most Challenging Menu?

We allow couples to give their guests a choice of starters, ains and desserts. Here is the most challenging menu we recently delivered:


  • Confit duck, hoisin and spring onion filo
  • Spicy crab and avocado crostini
  • Mushroom duxelle and quails egg crostini
  • Panko king prawn with sriracha mayonnaise
  • Chicken liver pate with spiced apple chutney
  • Pea and mint risotto balls.

Main Course

  • Roast lamb rump, (served pink) with minted pea puree, crushed new potatoes, tenderstem broccoli and red wine jus
  • Slow roast belly of pork with crushed new potatoes, apple sauce, crackling and cider mustard jus
  • Salmon fillet, spinach and cream cheese wrapped in filo with crushed new potatoes, tenderstem broccoli, white wine and cherry tomoato sauce
  • Butternut squash and chickpea tagine with braised basmati rice and coriander


  • Eton Mess cheesecake
  • Vanilla panna cotta with dark chocolate mousse
  • Lemon posset with raspberry compote and shortbread crumbs
  • Vanilla cheesecake with salted caramel and caramel pearls
  • Black Forest Gateaux

Each product is hand-made to specifications, requiring a high skill level and knowledge of numerous cooking and food preperation techniques. To ensure the right flavours are used in the dishes, there was a substantial amount of components that are needed to create them. Each compononent was individually checked before the event by the head chef to make sure they were up to the desired standard.

On the night, our main challenge was ensuring the quality standards of each dish or item was maintained across the whole event. With canapes, it was ensuring the items looked great, were served hot (if needed) and distributed in a timely fashion. With the main course, it was ensuring they were hot and cooked to perfection.

To ensure the menu was delivered to a high standard under strict time conditions, the chef had to understand his dish timings so he could be flexibile to the timings of the event. Our head chef could do this on the day because of his excellent knowledge of food, his catering experience and because his well-trained team supported him.

The outcome was that all food was served to an excellent standard and exceeded expectations!

Essex Wedding Awards 2019

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