So you’re considering your next corporate event or you’ve been asked to book a corporate caterer. Maybe you’re thinking about how to reintegrate your staff once they can all return to work, safely, or you want food provided at your workplace so they don’t have to visit food establishments. If it’s the latter, check out our blog “safely catering for your staff post-COVID”.

Typically, corporate events can be organised for a number of reasons,  

  • To motivate or reward staff
  • As corporate hospitality to thank customers
  • To launch new products or services
  • Promote networking – between staff, with customers, or both
  • To initiate important discussions on pertinent topics
  • To celebrate company milestones

Planning your corporate event

So, what’s your first consideration when planning your corporate event? It should be the aim of the event. What you are trying to achieve will have a large impact on how you build your day and the food options you select.

Once you’ve considered the aim. The next four key important factors are below.

  • The food – we’ll cover this in more detail.
  • The venue.
  • The agenda/timings.
  • The guests/attendees.

These are all interlinked and will impact on each other so make sure they are all considered in situ.

You might think the venue is easy to decide upon. However, if you’re looking for great outdoor spaces then venues such as Marks Hall will be great. If your event requires a Georgian country house feel, then Hatfield Place might be a preferred option. Alternatively, you could save on venue fees and bring the event to your workplace. Different venues will lend themselves better to different types of events and the food that can be offered. 

Now it’s time to put together an event agenda, which is something we can assist you with, to start building the flow of your day. You’ll want to properly consider transition times and have ample float so you can be flexible on the day. If time is tight and, for example, the lunch break is short, then the way the food is distributed needs to be quick. This instantly rules out time-consuming options such as a sit-down meal or large amounts of canapes. Be careful not to choose a corporate event caterer who thinks quick means simple and boring food catering!

Another consideration is the number of people attending your event. This will also have a real impact on your food choices, so ensure you have an estimate of how many need to be catered for and their potential food tastes. No matter the size of your event we can advise you on the right type of corporate catering, how much food to order (based on the timings of your event) and the adaptations you may have to make for certain guests. With all our options, there are vegetarian and vegan options, as standard, and we can adapt to all special dietary requirements.

The importance of food at your corporate event

The food served at a corporate function, and the corporate caterers you choose, can really make or break it. We are all aware of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and food is one of the key psychological needs. Go one step further, and not only fulfill your guests’ needs but exceed them with our delicious food, and they will feel extremely appreciated, making them more open to that next important message you want to make

The food served at your event should reflect your company, satisfy your guests and be inspiring. Choosing the right event food and corporate catering company is fundamental. At Lovejoy Catering and Events, not only do we pride ourselves on our excellent quality food and great customer service, but our ability to create great experiences which will leave your guests with that WOW feeling and a great impression of your company.

Choosing a corporate or event caterer

As we have mentioned, the food will have a big impact on your corporate event. So, choosing an event caterer can be difficult. How do you choose from the large variety of corporate caterers out there, and how do you know if their corporate catering services are any good? The obvious answers are, check their reviews, ask colleagues, friends and family and check out their website. However, a great event catering company will also be able to add value to your plans so pick up the phone.

Below we’ve discussed the different corporate catering ideas that we can offer but we would always suggest getting in touch with us to discuss your plans as we can guide you on the planning and can build bespoke options to suit you.

Street Food

Our street food offers a variety of cuisines served in bamboo boats and stylish black bowls with a small wooden fork. Due to the nature of this serving option, it is ideal for a networking event as it provides a substantial serving whilst allowing your guests to interact. 

This is a versatile option and includes mini fish and chips, thai green curry and mushroom and halloumi burgers to name a few.



Buffets are often an excellent food of choice at a corporate event, as they are quick to serve, are minimal fuss and priced low. Traditionally, people’s perceptions of corporate buffet catering is that it’s quite “boring” but we offer a range of buffet options, hot and cold, which means you can select your buffet to suit your event or go one step further and we can develop a bespoke option themed to your event. Our focus on fresh ingredients and homemade dishes separate us from the rest. You can even select plenty of healthy options or add a sweet treat such as our small desserts or afternoon tea mini dessert trio

Barbeque or Hog Roast

Why not take your event outdoors and opt for barbecue catering or a hog roast? Barbecues allow your guests to gather around and watch their food being cooked, which will spark conversations and provide an easy ice-breaker.

Often considered to be suited for the meat-eater, our barbecues are suitable for a range of guests, with vegetarian and vegan options available, and special dietary requirements such as Halal meats, everyone can easily be catered for. Take a look at our barbecue catering packages here. 


If you are planning a more structured, formal event, such as an awards or presentation evening, you will probably be looking for a plated, served dinner, something Lovejoy Catering and Events pride itself on. To see us in action, check out our video from our amazing charity dinner last year. 


If you want something informal to precede a presentation then we would recommend a canapé party. Opting for canapés allows your guests to be free to mingle and enjoy your event, whilst sampling a variety of delicious mini bites in a short period of time. Take a look at our exquisite canape menu here.

Christmas parties

It is never too early to start considering your work Christmas party catering and why not let us do all the hard work for you. Lovejoy Catering and Events love a Christmas party and have organised and catered for many successful Christmas parties in Essex, from three-course meals to drinks and canapes. Whether you have a venue in mind or are looking for a venue, get in touch and we can help you plan your event.

Our aim at Lovejoy Catering and Events is to exceed our clients’ expectations by serving first-class food and providing a highly professional service at all of our events. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our wonderful testimonials and reviews here.

Get in touch with our events team today by emailing us at or fill in our online contact page to receive a bespoke quote.